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Zoho CloudSQL

Access Business Data in the Cloud Through SQL

  • Use SQL to interact with your business data stored across Zoho services
  • Use any major SQL dialect (ANSI, Oracle, SQL Server, IBM DB2, MySQL and more)
  • Support for JDBC and ODBC drivers for transparent and easy connectivity
  • Implement in both traditional in house software and hosted/SaaS applications

Zoho CloudSQL is a technology that allows developers to interact with business data stored across Zoho Services using the familiar SQL language. In addition, JDBC and ODBC database drivers make writing code a snap – just use the language construct and syntax you would use with a local database instance. Using the latest Web technology no longer requires throwing away years of coding and learning.


Zoho CloudSQL allows businesses to connect and integrate the data and applications they have in Zoho with the data and applications they have in house, or even with other SaaS services. Unlike other methods for accessing data in the cloud, CloudSQL capitalizes on enterprise developers’ years of knowledge and experience with the widely-used SQL language. This leads to faster deployments and easier (read: less expensive) integration projects.

For Developers

Zoho CloudSQL is offered as a extension to the existing Zoho Web API and is meant to be used by developers, not end users. This information is technical in nature and familiarity with database-driven development and programming languages are required to use Zoho CloudSQL.

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